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innovative banking

We are simplifying banking. For generations, we have provided solutions that made banking easy for millions of customers across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and we are on our next journey to make banking seamless.

Partner with us and connect with customers in some of the largest and fastest-growing markets.

Re-inventing the code-to-human interface

From commercial solutions to retail services, you can build anything with our technology.

We have collaborated with Siemens Financial Services and digital trade provider TradeIX to pilot the industry’s blockchain-based smart guarantees in trade finance. The solution fully digitises the process from initiation of the bank guarantee to the claim handling while eliminating intensive paper procedures.

Ant Financial appointed us to be the core partner bank for its new blockchain cross-border remittance solution. With a focus on enhancing financial inclusion globally, this first blockchain-based cross-digital wallet remittance service will be offered through AlipayHK in Hong Kong and GCash in the Philippines.

In Africa, we have gone digital. Our first digital-only bank in this vast market is bridging the gap between traditional banking and generation digital. In Hong Kong, our virtual banking licence is underway to allow our clients to manage their money on the go.

"We are embarking on a journey to shape the future of banking while creating a culture of innovation, efficiency and automation. We want to lead the change and not be led by it."

Dr. Michael Gorriz

Chief Information Officer

SC Ventures – Rewiring the DNA in banking

SC Ventures promotes innovation by investing in disruptive financial technology and exploring alternative business models. Focused on “rewiring the DNA in banking”, we leverage human-centric designs, a lean start-up approach, and fintech enablement. Forward-thinking innovations are delivered through an open platform and a network of people and partnerships.

How we build a culture of innovation and collaboration

SC Ventures has three branches. eXellerator is a lab dedicated to facilitating change. At SC Ventures, we sponsor and nurture new business ventures. Finally, we have developed an Innovation Investment Fund focused on supporting companies with disruptive technologies.

3 branches of SC Ventures


  • Facilitate innovation and culture change across the Bank
  • Platform to support the Bank’s intrapreneurs and clients along their innovation journey.

Innovation Investment Fund

  • Invest in Fintech companies that enable forward-thinking capabilities
  • Supported by 3rd party investment manager(s)

Business Ventures

  • Sponsor and oversee formation of new business ventures
  • Focus on disruptive business models to create optionality

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