Deep diving into Technology during API Week in India

One of the main highlights of our API Week in India was a series of knowledge-sharing sessions by thought leaders from inside and outside the organisation. The discussion focused on the importance of APIs for the financial industry and the latest technology developments.

We were honoured to have as our guests—Kunal Jain, CEO & Founder of Analytics Vidhya; Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Practice Leader – Blockchain from Tech Mahindra; and Venkataraman Prasanna, Application Developer from ThoughtWorks. A big thank you for spending time with us and sharing fresh insights into AI and Blockchain.

Caption: Senior thought leaders sharing their insights about the importance of APIs in this digital age

Undoubtedly, API-led initiatives are the future and the key to simpler, faster and more innovative solutions for our clients. A case in point is India’s instant real-time payment system (the Unified Payment Interface API) to facilitate inter-bank transactions. Regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, the technology allows all bank account holders in India to send and receive money instantly from their smartphones without needing to enter bank account information.

Caption: Another highlight of the week – pop-up booths showcasing some of our best APIs in the Bank.

Amid the rapid developments in this space, our winning team from an in-house hackathon hosted during the week invented a way to organise family accounts into a single app by using the latest tech stack for implementation, testing, and documentation. Among the 250 participants who made up 52 teams, only 3 teams emerged victorious. We look forward to seeing their innovative idea come to fruition.

Caption: Congratulations to Team Rubiks on their winning innovative idea!

Stay tuned as we organise more hackathons around the globe.